Game Engine Written in VB.NET

Ver. 1 - Based on GDI (Graphics Device Interface) which used VB.NET Windows Forms' Background Image to draw the scene. It performed awful on even good hardware from the time.

Ver. 2 - Based on XNA which used dx9 and VB.NET. Worked very well, but requires DirectDraw on Windows 10 and Later.

Ver. 3 - Based on MonoGame using dx9 and VB.NET. Performed the same as the XNA version, but requires no prerequisites.

Ver. 4 - Based on MonoGame using dx11 and VB.NET. Performs better on the top end, has proper Music support

Ver. 5 - Based on MonoGame using OpenGL and VB.NET. Performance to be tested, has multi-platform support. Will be the first version to gain a GUI and have a base screen for 3D.

Support for Shaders

Built in Samples