Ludum Dare

LD28: Only One

Theme: "You only get one"

Game: You are a 1D object avoiding other 1D objects. It's bad.


LD30: Vortex Jumper

Theme: "Connected Worlds"

Game: A puzzle game with 5 alternate worlds that you teleport to via vortex


LD31: Manly Games Mini

Theme: "Entire Game on one screen"

Game: A handful of minigames based on a parody handheld console


LD35: Shape Shipper

Theme: "Shapeshift"

Game: You make manufacturing plants and drills to mine materials and turn them into gradually more complex shapes.


LD40: ???

Theme: "The more you have, the worse it is"

Game: Unfinished prototype where you make cars and ship them to dealerships to be sold. You must balance the manufacturing and car economy.


LD44: 3-in-one

Theme: "Your life is currency"

Game: You are a tictac fighting oatmeal cookies, and you can take soem of your life for a special ability. "Shelter" - Oldschool moving hand drawn animation of aliens abducting you. "Colour changes everything" - Connect 3 game where your top scored colour is eliminated.


LD46: Turkey's Plant Emporium

Theme: "Keep it alive"

Game: TurkeyDev and I collaborated on a game where you grow plants with a variety of growth conditions. Turkey is an amazing developer and I enjoyed working on the asset side of things for once. First Jam/collaboration entry.


LD47: Daily Grind

Theme: "Stuck in a Loop"

Game: You are me, doing daily tasks that keep you going in the rat race of life. Very depressing game made during Covid, but full of humour.


LD53: Deliver Your Voice

Theme: "Delivery"

Game: I wanted to have a unique take on the theme, so I made my game about the delivery of your voice. You drag each letter to an area of the mouth to complete each puzzle.