Stellaxy Stories

About the game

Gameplay Preview

The game will run in a 400x240 resolution in order to keep the pixel art pixel perfect, and the borders give the game a GBA / NDS feel with modern game elements. Journey as several characters across the Stellaxy Universe, and learn the stories behind their species. Each story will take you on a unique emotional ride, and combat that is more complex than button mashing or run-time events.

Youtube Trailer

A gameplay demo to show what is being worked on currently in development.

Play the demo

Check out the Demo

Check it out for yourself, play test it and see how well it runs for you!

Indev Videos

Comparing AMD,Intel & nvidia

Trying an Arc A770 vs an AMD Vega 64 and an Nvidia GTX 1080 to see if there are any performance biases at the base level of the game engine.

Testing on a low-power pc

Running the game on the lowest end hardware available for < $100, to make sure no matter what budget someone has, they can run the game.

Indev art

"Spout" particles

"Bug" Particles

"Explode" Particles

"Energy Buildup" Particles

All particle effects

Camera Entity Switching Mechanic

Concept Cover Art

Stay tuned!