Aliens in Stellaxy

All of the alien species in the game, with exception of Easter Egg species. More to come very soon!
Currently there are a total of 37 species in Stellaxy.

A species based around the ideals of community and equality, though they are all the same they tend to live quite unhappy lives.

A species formed based on a free market ideology, they are proficient at up-selling useless garbage and at being highly materialistic.

A strikingly intelligent species driven by their belief in a god that created everything in it's image, they talk WAY too much.

Being the most advanced and intelligent race, this species dedicates all it's time documenting and studying the universe from beginning to end.

Isolationists, they tend to slip under any detection and are quite secretive and passive with other species to avoid attention.

A species of partying, Ginger Ale loving, snails with beady eyes. Made of a goop, they are not easily injured, and often start confrontations.

Overly flashy, they are distant relatives to Djelv and Daalv, their population rules over their brethren in order to keep their equality.

A distant race of the Djelv, their equality trials failed and after much reconstructing are now considered an evolution of Djelv.

Perfecting the unification process of the singularity, they are a powerful race, although they tend to prefer sitting conflicts out to observe.

Obsessed with creating the loudest, flashiest, strangest looking ships, they have become a widely known seller of aftermarket ship decorations.

Being drunk all the time, it's quite a feat for this species to be able to travel across the universe at all, they quest for the strongest intoxication possible.

Obsessed with the perfection of mathematics, they create only perfect shapes out of all their existence.


Peaceful collectors of all plant types, they live off of sunlight. The mouth in the centre of their face can eat small animals.


Food connoisseurs, they wander through the universe searching for the best dishes they can find. They also host an intergalactic show called 'Master Cook'.


A much feared species due to their large mouth sack, they only want peace. They are heavily opposed to war, and love learning about other species' languages.


An entire race dedicated to breaking the fundamental regulations put in place to keep species away from technology they should not possess.


A hive mind swarm species that can eat entire planets. They enjoy destroying the homes of others.


An advanced species ruined by an attempt at a technological singularity, war torn they wander the universe demolishing civilizations in their path.

King Skiasalis

The emotionless leader of the Skia, he is considered to be the greatest king of Maeji History.


The original and natural species of the Skia, there are very few of them left in the universe and they fight to take down the Skia.


A hive minded species that seeks to grow and perfect their tech while driving other species into extinction.


Nothing is known about them except for their own stories. They claim to be from a parallel universe and have come to 'help' ours.



A species of unknown dangerous potential, a Human containing "The Human Spirit", which is a mysterious power source for motivation. Also the tutorial guy.


The Origin species of the Ryz, they have completed the largest engineering projects in the universe.


Trickster species that camouflages itself to trick prey. Not very intelligent, often difficult to negotiate with.


An advanced form of fungal parasite that spreads spreads through food. Trapped in it's own universe to prevent spread.


A hostile fungal species that kills it's host. Trapped in it's own universe to prevent spread.


Creatures that evolved to live in acids that can dissolve plant and fungal matter.


Species that can only be seen in nightmares, said to be the remainder of an older species.


Creatures that have lost their way and now wander to stare at living beings.


Creatures that are animated rock statues.


Creatures that sell helpful items that are on the black market such as raw ores.


A species that erases memories of encounters with extra-universal entities.


Species observed while staring at light from entire Galaxies. They tell stories through light patterns.


1D Line creatures that can only rotate and don't have a physical appearance.