Gangailes: The Ale Enthusiasts

Home-world: Ale is full of Gingerale, the stuff is in the water supply, it makes up the major rivers and lakes, and the dies from the packaging have permanently stained the population!

Ship: A repurposed old model ship, it's been modified to be coloured like a bottle of ginger ale. Also may come with a lasso depending on the trim level.

Ginger Ale: Their obsession is unknown, however it does seem to have a similar effect as catnip on feline creatures on Earth.

Average Height: 179cm
Average Weight: 66kg
Species Intelligence Level: 15
Currency: Opes and Scuses
Average Lifespan: 969 Earth Years
Primary Diet: Ginger Ale
Lifestyle: Cow-snail?/Mudder/Offroader/Monstertruck Driver
Motivation: Ginger Ale

Home Planet: Ale

Ship: Bottle

Gangailes love hats! They also have the ability to make their eyes appear red, but it dries them out.

Full Anatomy Silunyetian

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