Metaxani: The Mixologists

Home-world: Tambang is the party destination! Loud music, expertly crafted drinks, food cooked to perfection. Metaxani are the life of the celebration, always trying to keep in good spirits.

Ship: Designed to carry liquids without having the fluids slosh around and mess with ship dynamics, it is the fastest bar-on-engines in the galaxy!

Genies: Metaxani have a special ability to manifest desires through the form of beverages. All good things come at a cost though, and the Metaxani often struggle to think straight after they've been taste testing their product.

Average Height: 183cm
Average Weight: 118kg
Species Intelligence Level: 13
Currency: Gold
Average Lifespan: 56 Earth Years
Primary Diet: Ethanol
Lifestyle: Bartender/Storyteller
Motivation: Artisanal Perfection

Home Planet: Tambang

Ship: Bartap

Metaxani are very sensitive, when they get sad their eye stalks go limp.

Full Anatomy Metaxani

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